Top 7 Apps To Improve Your Daily Healthcare

Top 7 Apps To Improve Your Daily Healthcare

Keeping yourself healthy can be hard work, and we could all use a little help in that area. Luckily, your smartphone can be a robust medical accessory, especially if you have the right resources and mobile apps.

Currently, there’s a variety of free and premium medical apps on the market. Telemedicine and telehealth apps are making healthcare more accessible, less expensive, more preventative, and in many cases downright better. Below you will find ten apps that are all valuable examples. While they certainly shouldn’t replace your routine trip to the doctor, they may make your life a tad easier day to day.

Doctor On Demand App

1. HealthiestYou: HealthiestYou allows you to consult with a doctor 24/7 to diagnose, treat, and often prescribe for an array of medical issues. With real-time insurance connectivity for more than 450 carriers, one can stay up-to-date with coverage information and compare cash vs. insurance pricing for common procedures, both locally and nationally. One main feature includes intelligent alerts based on context and location, to help members better utilize their current insurance plans and services.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web. Fees: Free for patients.

Hello MD App

2. HelloMD: This app focuses on finding medical specialists. When you need to see a specific expert for a specific condition, such as a neurologist or a radiologist, HelloMD works to connect you with the correct certified doctor or surgeon. This app serves two purposes: 1) connecting you to the right doctors so you can arrange to see them; and 2) allowing you quick access to specialists for second opinions. This service does require a credit card number to secure the appointment – which generally happens within a few days.

Platforms: Web and mobile devices via mobile-optimized site. Fees: Prices vary; doctors set their own rates.

My Chart App

3. MyChart: MyChart allows you to access your medical records on your smartphone at any time. You can quickly and easily see which vaccinations you’ve had and when, along with the last time you visited the doctor, and which prescriptions you’re taking. You can even send a non-urgent message to your clinic and receive a response within a couple days, schedule visits from directly within the app, and request prescription refills.

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android. Fees: Free.

Pill Pack App

4. PillPack: PillPack is a prescription-by-mail service that mails your medications to you in sets of date-and-time stamped single packets. Each packet is labeled with the name and dosage of each medication, and additional instructions if any. PillPack coordinates with your healthcare provider to get your prescriptions automatically refilled before your supply runs out. The cost depends on the price of your medications. Zero shipping fees.

Platforms: Web, iOS. Fees: Based on prices of medications, and co-pays. Free shipping.

Microsoft Health Vault App

5. Microsoft HealthVault: Microsoft HealthVault is a downloadable online service and mobile app where you can store your personal medical records safe and up-to-date, and share them securely with healthcare professionals and people who may need access to your healthcare records. Many people with chronic conditions use this service and app to track their health daily, such as glucose levels, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation.

Platforms: iOS, Web, Windows Phone. Fees: Free.

6. PingMD: PingMD is a secure messaging app for doctors to connect with other doctors, as well as with their patients. Essentially, this HIPAA-compliant app allows you to communicate with your doctors in the same manner you may communicate with friends and family: via text messaging, image-sharing, etc. Doctors using PingMD can also utilize the app to access other doctors’ knowledge or specialty and get their advice. For example, your surgeon can ask another surgeon to review your x-rays and provide a second opinion.

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android. Fees: Free for patients.

Text 4 Baby App

7. Text4Baby: Pregnant women and new mothers can utilize Text4Baby for all kinds of health-related pregnancy advice, reminders, and/or help. Text4Baby is organized through the National Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies Coalition, using SMS messages.

Platforms: Web, iOS. Fees: Free; no messaging charges for nearly all U.S. carriers.