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In the state of North Carolina, Concord is the twelfth largest city in North Carolina and also the largest city in Cabarrus County. The word “Concord” means “harmony”, and it is a city known for both beautiful scenery and for its historic roots in the United States. The city’s location is just twenty miles North East of Uptown Charlotte and Concord even received an All-American city award in 2004.  According to the census in 2010, the population of the city is 79,066, and the area of the city itself is 60 square miles and lies only just about 700 feet above sea level. The number of people living in Concord, NC has grown quite a bit since the year 2000, when the census count was just 59, 977. This area of North Carolina is typically covered with rolling hills and forest terrain, which means that the summers are humid and the winters are usually quite cold.  The average summer temperature can range from 79 F degrees to well over 90 F degrees, and the average winter temperatures range from 29 F degrees to 43 F degrees.  The amount of moisture in the air causes the rural parts of the area to quickly turn into heavy forest terrain if the land is left unattended. This is also due to the large amounts of precipitation that falls each year, which on average is roughly 43.8 inches annually along with several thunderstorms during spring months. It is definitely not a drought climate, and the excessive foliage makes it a very beautiful and green area.

Concord was founded in April of the year 1796, and has a very colorful history with deep roots that go back to the beginning of this country. It was officially incorporated in 1806, and is considered an old town by United States standards. Parts of the town still are emblematic of what life back in the earlier centuries was like. There are even markers around the city that show where the original town limits were first placed. Concord, NC prides itself with having a large collection of very old homes from the early twentieth century and late nineteenth century. One of the most notable historic sites is Memorial Garden, which is located in the North Union Historic District and covers at least three acres of land. Inside this garden is also a 200 year old cemetery which belongs to the First Presbyterian Church.  This is an attraction that draws tourists, and is within a close distance suitable for walking from the lively and historic downtown area of Concord. From around the time it was settled until the 1970s, Concord’s jurisdiction was based in this downtown area.  In the four decades since then, most of the duties are carried out in the city-center closer to Charlotte. As mentioned, the city of Concord’s history goes back over 200 years. During the late 1700’s, it is said that there was an altercation between the German and Scots-Irish settlements in the area over where the county seat of where the then freshly formed county named “Cabarrus” ought to be placed. The two groups came up with a compromise of where to put it, and the city was founded on a large 26 acre site in 1796. It was decided that the city should be named Concord, meaning “harmony,” to remind the settlers of their conflict and how choosing peace as a solution could bring everyone together. Today, when you look at the city of Concord you will see the fantastic mixture of heritage and culture, which is actually the perfect blend of industrial, residential and business life.  In its own way, this wonderful little city still holds true to its name and the meaning behind it, and you can see that Concord NC continues to embody the definition of its name: “harmony.”

Right in the heart of Concord, the Historic Downtown shopping area is a very unique place to the city as well as the county. It is a very popular shopping area for locals and visitors alike, and the entire area has a lot to offer in its mere 2 blocks of space in the city.  If you enjoy fancy dining, there are places that are wonderful for enjoying a several-course epicurean experience (or just fancy snacks).  Not only that, but there is a library, a couple of live theatres, a large and prosperous university, and even a well-known chocolate shop that features its goods from France. The area also caters to pedestrians with a lovely and well-built sidewalk system, and there are a ton of art galleries along with a 24 hour art studio. It is most certainly the best way to see and experience all the different cultures that Historic Concord has to offer.  It really ties the old age and modern age together to form a beautiful and rich society.

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The city government of Concord offers its citizens a wide variety of services to enhance their quality of life. There are parks and recreation, public transportation, planning and zoning, environmental protection, electrical distribution, storm water system, economic development, and also management and operation of a regional airport. There is also a very good educational system in Concord NC, as there are twelve elementary schools, four middle schools, five high schools, a community college and a couple of specialty colleges. The University of North Carolina is just a few miles away from Concord.

One of Concord’s most famous features is its connection to NASCAR Motorsports. The city of Concord itself houses the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway, a regional office for NASCAR’s development and research, and even several professional racing teams. Such sporting affiliations in Concord include Roush Fenway Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, and Richard Petty Motorsports. There is also a large dirt track facility and drag strip (called Zmax Dragway) in Concord in addition to the Charlotte Motor Speedway. There are a few other tourist attractions in Concord, NC which bring tourists every year.  One is The Great Wolf Lodge, which is a giant indoor water park resort. Families from around the country come here for a relaxing stay and some pampering, while being able to swim in a large multi-activity swimming area.  The indoor water park is always kept at 84°F degrees and includes 80,000 square feet of water park area. In addition to the water park, there are lots of fun amenities for the kids, and a variety of summer events for everyone to enjoy. For those who crave outdoor activities, the Frank Liske Park is the perfect place for visitors – an oasis of perfect picnic spots.  On weekends and holidays it has a tendency to get rather crowded, but there is definitely enough room for all its visitors to enjoy. There are even an array of activities to do at Frank Liske Park which include fishing in the 10-acre lake, paddle boats, horseshoe pits, playgrounds, volleyball courts, six lighted tennis courts, nature trails, walking and fitness trails, and even an 18-hole mini golf course. In the summertime, there are also many children’s camps for locals and visitors alike.

Another great attraction in the Concord NC area is the Sea Life Aquarium. This aquarium is home to seahorses, clown fish, an octopus, black tip reef shark, and even a touching pool.  This is a great exhibit for adults and kids of all ages, and it is a wonderful experience to get to interact with these animals of the ocean. It is also a nice alternative for visitors who are sweltering in the mid-day heat during the summer months. They can enjoy a cool indoor attraction!

The city of Concord has a lot to offer.  It is filled with so many vibrant features that range from historical to scenic and everything in between. Concord NC has that wonderful All-American feel to it.  The scenery is hard to beat, and the culture of the great state of North Carolina really comes to life in this area of the state.  Whether you are stopping by to visit the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway or going for a walk in some of the native forests, you are sure to enjoy your time in this quaint, yet bold, yet charming city in the southeastern part of the United States.

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