Waynesville North Carolina

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Waynesville is an American town situated in Haywood County, North Carolina. It is adjacent to Maggie Valley and close to the Cherokee Indian Reservation. Waynesville, NC is roughly 30 miles from Asheville, a city found between the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge mountain ranges, which cover the largest area in Western North Carolina.

In 1810, a soldier of the American Revolution, Colonel Robert Love, founded the town of Waynesville and named it after his former commander, General “Mad” Anthony Wayne. Love also provided land on which was built the courthouse, jail, schools, hospitals, and other public service buildings. The Battle of Waynesville played an important part in the history of this town. In 1865, during the American Civil War, Union Colonel William raided the area, burned the houses, and attempted to deteriorate the economic base of the small settlement. However, the townsfolk rebuilt and Waynesville was finally incorporated in 1871. In 1971, the neighboring city of Hazelwood merged into Waynesville as the population of both towns began expanding.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Waynesville NC occupies a total area of 7.8 square miles. In 2000, the population was recorded at around 9,232 people, separated into 4,106 households and 2,545 families. The median income per household was $28,296, while the per capita income was $17,821. Nearly 15% of the town’s population is living under the poverty line.

Initially, Waynesville NC was underdeveloped and contained very few buildings, but after the development of better transportation systems, the area began to commercialize and the citizens started many new businesses. The railroad arrived in 1884, which created booms in the agriculture and tourism industries. Downtown Waynesville became a true city center as retail businesses, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, banks, doctors’ offices, and administration buildings began to crop up. In the 1930s, the majority of businesses in the area (called “Frog Level”) included mainly hardware shops, furniture stores, and warehouses.

As the use of automobiles became more commonplace, the importance of the railroad declined and people began to travel primarily in cars. Many of the older buildings in the downtown district have been renovated in recent years, including the library, police station, fire station, and several government buildings. The streets have also been paved and the sidewalks improved.

The Waynesville, NC school system offers quality education for the town’s younger residents through a handful of excellent schools. The school district is recognized as one of the best in the state, both academically and athletically. The schools within said district include: Tuscola High School, Pisgah High School, Waynesville Middle School, Central Elementary School, Junaluska Elementary School, and Hazelwood Elementary School.

Southwest of the town, there is area of about 8,400 acres, which makes up the Waynesville watershed. Tributary streams within the watershed flow into the manmade Waynesville Reservoir, which covers a 50-acre area on Allen’s Creek.

The healthcare and insurance systems in Waynesville, NC are heavily dependent on the private sector. As of the time of this writing, nearly 50% of Americans are on private health insurance, according to a report by the CDC.  Public programs are, for the most part, used by senior citizens and low-income families. In North Carolina, during the 1990s, health advocacy groups began working to provide citizens with proper healthcare facilities. Healthcare created a lot of problems, due to debt created by unpaid medical bills. According to a 2007 study, there were 62 people who declared bankruptcy in Waynesville alone.

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Along with all the normal establishments, such as schools, hospitals, parks, shops and restaurants, the town of Waynesville NC is home to many beautiful tourist attractions. These include both historic and modern attractions, which are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Historic Route 66 passes directly through Waynesville. Due to this, tourists flock from all over the world to pay tribute to “The Mother Road”. There are also a number of landmarks that fascinate visitors and allow them to take in the beautiful scenery along the way, as Waynesville, NC is blessed by a vast array of flora and fauna.

Campgrounds, hotels and motels in the area serve the many tourists who come to town in order to enjoy the scenic mountains or pay a visit to Waynesville NC itself. The city is big enough to have department stores and a number of mom-and-pop stores that provide residents with easy access to any items needed to maintain their homes and the gardens. Rainfall is abundant in North Carolina, and many people love to garden in this part of the country.

Not only is the town itself beautiful, but the people living there are as well. Generosity, friendliness, and graciousness are just a few of the qualities attributed to the residents of Waynesville. Whether you plan to move in or just stop by for a visit during your vacation, the heartwarming welcome you receive will give you a truly “homey” feeling. Due to the diverse selection of things to do both in and around town, Waynesville is a comfortable vacation spot for both nature lovers and people who prefer to live in luxury. A nature lover can discover the natural beauty of the area by going hiking, sailing, or skiing. For those who are more inclined towards shopping, there are a great many stores where lovely, handmade Appalachian crafts can be purchased. And, of course, there are a variety of restaurants, late-night attractions, and a movie theatre. Overall, Waynesville NC has a lot to offer both residents and tourists, who say they feel very comfortable in the town.

River sports are a local activity that attracts people from all over the country to the Waynesville North Carolina area. There are many rivers with intense rapids for experienced racers, as well as the lazy-flowing streams ideal for families and children. During the long days of spring and summer, Waynesville, NC plays host to a number of concerts, which folks from all around the region flock to attend. The local chamber of commerce is a great place to stop by in order to get an idea of the many vendors and activities to be held in the upcoming months.

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