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People who apply for Affordable Care Act Health Insurance within 60 days of growing their family (whether by birth, adoption, foster care or guardianship) qualify to apply for Affordable Care Act health insurance, and they may well qualify for health insurance subsidies as well!

In most cases, health insurance for babies is retroactive to the day the child is born – provided you enroll your newborn within a timely manner.

It is important to know that under The Affordable Care Act, simply being pregnant does not allow you to sign your unborn child up for baby health insurance, nor does it qualify you for the Special Enrollment Period. You can only purchase Affordable Care Act insurance for newborns after the baby is born – and you have just 60 days to do so.

If you do not purchase health insurance within the 60 day window granted by the ACA (Affordable Care Act), you must either wait until the next annual open enrollment period, or purchase regular private health insurance. The insurance professionals at WNC Health Insurance offer free consultations to help parents explore their insurance options.

(Note: Newborns and children who are already insured through state or federal programs, such as CHIP and Medicaid, are not required to obtain separate health insurance under The Affordable Care Act, and are considered to have compliant insurance.)

Important: Parents with children who remain uninsured for more than three months during the year will be required to pay a fine for each uninsured child when they file their taxes the following year.

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