Rutherfordton North Carolina

North Carolina is a state that is full of beautiful cities and gorgeous towns. It is one of the most scenic states that you can visit within the United States of America, and situated in quaint Rutherford County is the county seat town of Rutherfordton. As of the turn of the century, there were just over four thousand people living there and enjoying the peaceful pace of life that Rutherfordton can offer each and every single one of its residents and visitors.

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The motto of the town Rutherfordton is “Walking in the Footsteps of History”, and that emphasis on understanding and appreciating the years that formed the settlement of Rutherfordton is something that all residents hold very dear. The place was established in the year 1787, which makes it one of the very oldest towns that can be found in the western side of North Carolina. That also makes it the place where there has been the longest continuous government in that area. Believe it or not, the Rutherfordton, NC was actually created to house the government for the county, giving the people a centralized area in which to go to if they needed, and a place for people that worked within government to live. It replaced Gilbert Town, which is situated a few miles north of Rutherfordton.

Rutherfordton NC, like a huge number of other American towns and cities, is actually named after a person – the same person as the county. General Griffith Rutherford was a very popular man, and was a politician for North Carolina. During the Revolutionary War, he became a General, and was very much beloved by the men that he led. Originally hailing from Ireland, Griffith Rutherford moved with his family to Philadelphia when he was only eighteen. He moved to Rowan County, North Carolina, when he got married, and was passionate about the place. Despite being captured by the British in 1780, Griffith Rutherford was considered so important that he was retrieved through exchange the following year. As well as Rutherford County in North Carolina, he lends his name to another county in Tennessee.

Rutherfordton, NC is completely in love with its own history, and has taken very good care of the ancient architecture that can be found there. For example, the antebellum houses in the historic district that give the town such a charming feel, have been curated and cared for over many years. Those antebellum houses are the only remaining ones in North Carolina. There is a large amount of Greek-Revival architecture in Rutherfordton, including St. John’s Church, consecrated in 1851, and the mansion known as “Holy Hill”, built in 1832. In fact, Downtown Rutherfordton is featured on the National Register of Historic Places, because it is such a perfect example of a rural western North Carolinian town. More than forty-five structures have been noted individually on this list for appreciation and protection, including the Carrier Houses (1835 and 1879), the original Rutherfordton-Spindale Central High School (1925), and the Rutherford County Courthouse (1926). This courthouse and the Norris Public Library were designed by one of the greatest architects ever to come from the state of North Carolina: Louis H. Asbury, the master of the Classic-Revival style.

It is no wonder that the residents are so proud of Rutherfordton, because it has witnessed many historical moments of great importance. For example, Rutherfordton was the first place in Western North Carolina to have a U. S. Post Office (built in 1798). Rutherfordton NC was also the location in which the first school chartered by state legislation was created, with the Rutherfordton Academy opening in 1806. Furthermore, the first ever newspaper that was published that side of the North Carolina state was The North Carolina Spectator and Western Advertiser, first founded in 1831 in Rutherfordton. A generation later, in the 1830s, Rutherfordton, NC was still acting as a trailblazer in many other fields. For example, in 1831 there was a mint founded in Rutherfordton by a man called Christopher Bechtler, Sr. That year, the mint created the first ever $1 gold coin. The family became incredibly powerful in the town, and eventually manufactured many other items, from jewelry and clocks, to candlesticks and guns.

Unfortunately, the Civil War brought much danger and destruction to the residents of Rutherfordton NC, and to the town itself. During the conflict in 1865, U. S. General George Stoneman sent in troops to prevent a rebellion from rising up in Rutherfordton, and during this ‘quelling’ many buildings were destroyed by fire. One of these included the office of the newspaper The Rutherford Enquirer, and more examples include the telegraph office, preventing any further communication from the town, and a livery stable, preventing residents from fleeing to another town to alert them of what was happening. The post office there was ransacked, and many people were forced out of their own homes so that the army could use the houses.

In more modern times, manufacturing once again was able to put Rutherfordton, NC on the map. Just one example of this is S. B. Tanner, and his wife Millie. They founded the Doncaster Collar and Shirt Company in 1931 in Rutherfordton NC. The labels Doncaster and Tanner are still instantly recognizable today, and have become some of the best known and best loved creators of female fashion throughout the entire world. But the company has not forgotten its roots, and has kept its headquarters firmly in Rutherfordton NC.

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Many famous people have heralded from the small but prosperous town of Rutherfordton, but two of them are much more famous than the rest. William T. Carpenter was born in Rutherfordton NC, and became a world-changing psychiatrist. His main claim to fame is his involvement with the trial of John Hinkley Jr., the man that attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981. His testimony meant that Hinkley was found not guilty, by reason of insanity, and paved the way for psychiatric evidence to be used in court. The other man, Walter H. Dalton, was born in Rutherfordton in 1949, and served as the 33rd Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina from 2009 to 2013.

Rutherfordton, NC is situated amongst a variety of ridges around the Blue Ridge Mountains, giving the town a myriad of delightful views from any location in the town. It also sits very close to the Isothermal Belt, which gives Rutherfordton yearlong mild weather and outstanding elements in every single season. This means that it is perfect for tourists to come and visit any time of year, and for residents to stay all the way throughout the year.

The town itself is perfectly set up for visitors, offering a wide variety of art galleries and antique shops, as well as specialty and exotic shops that are difficult to find elsewhere. There are many restaurants and cafes that are considered completely unique, offering people a little slice of the taste of Rutherfordton. One of the biggest draws to Rutherfordton NC is the Kidsenses InterACTIVE Children’s Museum. This museum has been created specifically to appeal to children, and get them more excited about the world around us, where it has come from, and what it is made of. Although it is just as exciting for adults, it really is the perfect treat for families. If it’s a sunny day and you would prefer to spend the day outdoors, there are four wonderful parks in which to enjoy yourselves and eat a delicious picnic: Crestview Park, Kiwanis Park, Second Street Park, and Main Street Park.

If you are considering visiting Rutherfordton, NC, one of the best times to come would be at the beginning of May. This is because Rutherfordton celebrates May Day with an exuberant and fantastic Mayfest Street Festival. There’s a parade, including jugglers and giants. There are many stalls and activities that everyone can try. But if you can’t make it during the spring, you should definitely travel to Rutherfordton in the autumn. The gorgeous trees turn orange and red all over the place, giving the town an amazingly picturesque look. The first Saturday in October is the Hilltop Fall Festival. This day includes historical reenactors, all dressed up in period regalia, as well as food tasting and live music.

Rutherfordton NC is certainly a wonderful place to visit, and to live and work, and due to its friendly residents, gorgeous setting, and historic significance, it will almost certainly remain so for many years to come.

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