Health Insurance After Divorce

Special Enrollment – Recent Divorcees Qualify

health insurance after divorce

Divorce can be one of the most difficult and traumatizing experiences that anyone can ever go through. But after all of the paperwork, bureaucracy, and tears are over, it’s time to start rebuilding your life again. We are here – not to give you dating advice, but health insurance after divorce advice!

Right now you need affordable health insurance for yourself (and perhaps your kids). If your divorce was recently finalized (no more than sixty days ago), you may be eligible to apply for special subsidized health insurance – thanks to the Affordable Care Act. If your salary is $46,680 or less, you may qualify for discounted health insurance plans!

Divorce in itself is not a qualifying event, but divorce sometimes creates a qualifying event. For example, if you lost Minimal Essential Coverage or group health insurance coverage eligibility due to the divorce, you may be eligible for Affordable Care Act insurance, even if you would also be eligible for COBRA. Since Affordable Care Act insurance often costs less than half what COBRA costs, we recommend Affordable Care Act insurance.

Take this opportunity while you can. We will walk you through the application process! All you need to do is call us! However, if you don’t feel like talking to anyone right now, don’t worry: you can fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch later on. Not too much later, since time is of the essence.

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