Welcome to our Health Insurance Questions Skype Support Webpage!

Note: Your computer will need to have a working microphone and working speakers, or else a headset, in order for you to make and receive Skype calls successfully.

Download/Install Skype:

If you have not already installed Skype on your computer, please download the application now:

Create a Skype User Account:

Once you have downloaded and installed Skype, you will create a User Account. The Skype application should prompt you to create a Skype name and password. If that does not happen, come back to this web page and click on this link:   Create a Skype User Account

Test Your Skype:

Once you have created your Skype User Account, you can test your Skype application. From within your Skype application, select “Echo / Sound Test Service” in the left-hand column. Then click on the green Call button and follow the instructions. If you cannot hear the recording that you made during the test, make sure that your computer’s volume is turned up loud enough. If things are not working smoothly, visit Skype support for help.

Call Us Via Skype:

This will be a two-part process only the first time around 1) Add WNC Health Insurance to your Skype Contacts, and 2) Initiate a Skype Call. Here’s how:

Add WNC Health Insurance to your Skype Contacts:

  1. Click on Contacts (upper-left-hand-corner);
  2. Select “Add Contact”;
  3. Select “Save a Phone Number”
  4. Name: WNCHealthInsurance
  5. Number: Call us to get our Skype Number*
  6. Click on the “Add Number” button

*828-348-BLUE  (828-348-2583)

Initiate a Skype Call:

  1. Choose the Contacts tab in the left-hand column.
  2. Click on the WNCHealthInsurance logo
  3. Click on the green Call button

If your Skype application is working well but you are unable to reach us via Skype, please call us at 828-348-2583 for help.

We look forward to helping you!

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