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The largest city in Buncombe County, North Carolina, Asheville was named after NC Governor Samuel Ashe. It is a city known for its beautiful scenery and its historic roots. Asheville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains at the confluence of the French Broad River and the Swannanoa River. Asheville has been ranked as a top U.S. city for lifestyles, breweries, beauty, climate, outdoor activities, food, culture (art, music, dance, theatre, movie production), best college town, best place to raise a family, happiest city, etc. by many publications. Asheville has been a renowned tourist destination for decades, with famed attractions such as the Grove Park Inn and the Biltmore Estate. About 10 million people travel to the Asheville area every year.

According to the 2016 US Census, the population of the city is 89,121, and the area itself is 45.3 square miles, lying 2,134 feet above sea level. The number of people living in Asheville, NC has grown quite a bit since the year 2000 when the census count was just 68,889.

Asheville residents and visitors enjoy the scenic views, forests, and diverse wildlife. The summers are moderately warm – not as hot and humid as the eastern part of the state. Winters are also moderate. Each year, winter provides just a few sled-able snow events, and the snow only lasts for a few days, then melts. The average summer temperatures range from 60 F to around 85 F, and the average winter temperatures range from 30 F to 50 F. The average level of precipitation is fairly well spread out throughout the year, although the summer months are typically wetter. On average, there is roughly 45.6 inches of precipitation annually along with thunderstorms during spring months. It is definitely not a drought climate, and the excessive foliage makes it a very beautiful and green area.

The settlement that became Asheville was founded in the year 1792, and has a very colorful history with deep roots that go back to the beginning of America. Asheville was officially incorporated in 1797, and is considered an old city by United States standards. There are numerous historical markers around the city displaying facts and landmarks from Asheville’s history. Asheville, NC prides itself on having a large collection of old, historic neighborhoods and art deco architecture.

One of these notable historic neighborhoods is the Montford Area Historic District, which is located in North Asheville, near downtown, and contains over 600 residences and several famed Asheville historic sites. Inside the historic district lies the Riverside Cemetery, known for being the final resting place for famous authors Thomas Wolfe and O. Henry. In addition to the cemetery, Montford is home to the former Highland Hospital, a mental asylum that burnt down in 1948, killing Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of famed author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Today, when you look at the city of Asheville you will see the fantastic mixture of heritage and culture, which is actually the perfect blend of industrial, residential, and business life. Downtown Asheville is a unique and extremely popular area for locals and visitors alike, offering eclectic shopping opportunities, and destinations focusing on a diverse mix of art, food, drink, and performance art. The entire area has a lot to offer. If you enjoy fancy dining, there are places that are wonderful for enjoying a several-course epicurean experience (or just fancy snacks).  Not only that, but there is a library, a couple of music and theatre venues, a well-known chocolate shop and dozens of breweries to explore.

The city government of Asheville offers its citizens a wide variety of services to enhance their quality of life. There are parks and recreation, public transportation, planning and zoning, environmental protection, electrical distribution, economic development, and the management and operation of the regional airport. There is also a very good educational system in Asheville NC, as there are five elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, a community college and a couple of private schools. The University of North Carolina at Asheville is just a few minutes from downtown.

The City of Asheville has a lot to offer.  It is filled with so many vibrant features that range from historical to scenic and everything in between. The culture of the great state of North Carolina really comes to life here in Asheville, and the scenery is hard to beat.

While you are enjoying your visit here in Asheville, NC (and especially if you are lucky enough to live here), do make the time to come and visit our friendly staff here at WNC Health Insurance. They will help make choosing health insurance for your family and/or employees, a more joyful experience than you may have had at other health insurance agencies. Once properly and safely insured, you will all be better able to relax and enjoy all that the Asheville area has to offer.

Whether you are driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway, visiting the Biltmore Estate, or going for a walk in some of the native forests, you are sure to enjoy your time in this bold, yet charming city in the southeastern part of the United States.

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