Personal Reform Advisors: What They Are and Why You Need One

Personal reform advisors are individuals who are trained to assist consumers in navigating the new Health Insurance Marketplaces established under the Affordable Care Act. As part of healthcare reform in NC, residents who wish to qualify for insurance subsidies must select one of the health insurance plans offered on the Federal Marketplace. Personal reform advisors, like the ones at WNC Health Insurance in Asheville, North Carolina, offer free assistance navigating the complex government run website known as, and assist consumers in understanding the differences between the variety of plans offered on the Marketplace.

Although the federal government has worked hard to make its online portal as user friendly as possible, personal reform advisors still regularly hear desperate pleas for help from consumers who attempted to enroll on their own and have become extremely frustrated with the experience. Healthcare reform in NC requires residents and insurance providers to comply with new laws, procedures, and timelines for enrolling in health insurance plans. A personal reform advisor is a licensed insurance agent that is certified to assist consumers throughout the entire online enrollment process, from applying for subsidies to health insurance enrollment.

It may seem more convenient to apply for insurance through the Federal Marketplace over the phone, but wait times can be extensive and the application process is slow and fatiguing. Once eligibility to obtain coverage is confirmed and a subsidy amount (if applicable) is determined, the process of selecting the right plan for your family will begin. Since Marketplace representatives are not licensed insurance agents, they are limited to reading the descriptions of plans available on the website and are unable to offer additional insights. Listening to the reading of insurance jargon without a professional explanation and clarification can generate more confusion than it does lucidity.

Personal reform advisors are authorized agents that are capable of discussing, in detail, the differences between the health insurance plans offered on the Federal Marketplace. The agents at WNC Health Insurance are experts on healthcare reform. NC residents can utilize the personal reform advisors at WNC Health Insurance to gain clarity on health insurance enrollment requirements and to assist them in making an important decision that impacts the welfare of their families.

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