Private Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

Individuals who are self-employed face a unique set of health insurance challenges. There is no employer to offer a group health insurance benefit or share in the cost of premium expenses. Self-employed individuals are solely responsible for finding and paying for their own private health insurance. While this can seem a daunting challenge, self-employed health insurance for individuals can help to prevent a significant loss of personal or business assets in the event of a medical emergency.

Private health insurance for self-employed individuals can be affordable. Insurance plans that work with health savings accounts (HSAs) are often popular with self-employed individuals. HSAs allow a self-employed individual to save money tax-free until it is needed for medical care.  If the money in a health savings account is never needed to cover medical costs during the term of self-employment, it will become available for use – without restriction or penalty – during retirement.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina® offers excellent health insurance plans with the self-employed individual in mind. The Bronze 5500 and Bronze 5000 are two private health insurance plans currently offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina® which have HSA qualifications.  These plans are simple, high deductible plans that limit your responsibility for in-network out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Health insurance is one of the best investments a self-employed individual can make in their health and in their business’s financial future!  When a self-employed person becomes sick, their entire business suffers.  That is why all health insurance plans offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina® cover preventive health care services at 100%, with no additional cost to the patient.  Annual physical exams, nutrition therapy, age appropriate requisite testing, and much more are all covered at no additional cost.

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