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North Carolina is full of beautiful landscapes and amazing cities, but there are very few that come anywhere close to High Point. Home to over one hundred thousand people, there are many reasons why so many people have chosen to make High Point their home. There are three brilliant universities within the city limits, and there’s a large manufacturing district that provides many people with secure employment. High Point, NC actually crosses the borders of four counties: Guildford County, Randolph County, Davidson County, and Forsyth County. High Point is also one of North Carolina’s highest cities, with parts of it rising over one thousand feet above sea level.

High Point, NC has a long and varied history. Its history starts the way that the histories of many towns and cities do, in these United States – with Europeans. The majority of the first settlers within High Point were Quakers and German immigrants, all of whom were desperate to leave their home countries because of religious persecution. They took the risk to travel all the way across the ocean to the land of the free, because they wanted to make a better life for themselves and for their children. When they arrived at High Point, they saw there a place where they could be really happy. As the town developed, and the counties around it became more and more modernized, the railway was built. High Point NC is in fact almost in the center of the North Carolina Railroad system between the two important cities: Charlotte and Goldsboro. This central location, close to very fast (for the time) transport, meant that High Point could easily move large quantities of goods such as cotton, lumber, and processed goods. This is why many people believe High Point, NC has such an important role to play in the U.S. manufacturing sector.

High Point NC has become almost a by-word for the manufacturing of furniture, hosiery, and Hatteras yachts. These companies have brought an awful lot of prosperity into the city of High Point, and enabled the city to continue to expand throughout time. The history of furniture making within High Point stretches all the way back to the seventeenth century, when some new immigrants from England came to settle in High Point, looking for a new and better life like many others.

Business really increased after the Civil War, when there was an increase of labor availability, and the manufacturing potential greatly expanded. Once again, the travel links made High Point, NC almost irresistible to those that wanted to invest in furniture manufacturing businesses, and by 1900 there were almost forty different and unique furniture manufacturing companies operating within the city of High Point. As these companies expanded, others were created to feed into them, such as the manufacturing of mirrors, paint, and locks. Many people became very rich – but on the other hand, it was not possible to simply walk into the business and immediately make a profit. Some companies went bankrupt because they didn’t really understand the market.

However, in the modern age of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the industries within High Point NC have been forced to diversify to meet with the demand of both supply, and the workforce. There are now many other different businesses that have successfully made their home within High Point, including logistics, banking, photography, and customer service. However, one of the largest of the new industries that is thriving in High Point, NC is pharmaceuticals. WNC Health Insurance provides the best health insurance plans to the people of High Point and everywhere throughout North Carolina. They ensure that anyone who is smart enough to invest in health insurance can provide for themselves and their loved ones the promise of protection if anything goes untoward with regards to their health. Whether there is a need for family health insurance, individual health insurance, or group health insurance, WNC Health Insurance is there to help. They even walk individuals through the confusing labyrinth of private health insurance options, and government health insurance options such as ACA (Affordable Care Act). They virtually ‘hold the hand’ of every health insurance customer! Many people find that the health insurance quotes that they receive from WNC Health Insurance are the lowest, and for the best-quality healthcare plans!

Outside of the health insurance sector, the pharmaceutical sector, and manufacturing sector, High Point NC continues to keep many of their old economic traditions. For example, there is still the High Point Market that meets regularly, and the twice yearly trade show is considered by many to be the largest furniture and furnishings industry event that is ever held, in any country. Every year during April and November, thousands of people flock to High Point, NC to take part in it, and it is a point of personal pride to many companies that they have had the chance to showcase their wares in High Point NC. Over two thousand exhibitors come every time, and many people travel there just to get a taste of all of the variety that is out there within this profitable industry.

Despite all of High Point’s history with manufacturing, as of 2011 the biggest employers within the city were not actually in manufacturing. Instead, the Bank of America, the High Point Regional Health System, and Guildford County Schools were the three largest employers within the city, proving once more that the city had expanded to such a point that services are now more vital to the growing economy than manufacturing and other businesses within that area. Moreover, there are some surprises in the top ten employers list within High Point: at number seven is a university: High Point University.

Considered to be one of the best American universities by U. S. News, High Point University was first created in 1924. It is a liberal arts institution, and has over four thousand undergraduates hailing from over fifty countries. There are two other universities that can be found within the city of High Point: Laurel University, a private university that trains students to work within the Christian community; and Shaw University, a private liberal arts university that has historically been a black university, the oldest in the Southern United States. The high level of education within the city of High Point means that there are generally higher wages, and a smaller number of families that are living below the poverty line.

In recent years, High Point NC has had to deal with some tragedy, being one of several settlements that were negatively affected by a tornado outbreak in March of 2010. Many tornadoes were reported to have formed within southeastern United States and a tornado emergency was declared in all four of the counties that High Point is a part of. There was extensive damage in many different cities and towns, including Linwood in Davidson County, and Charlotte in Mecklenburg County. The tornado that hit High Point, NC was categorized as an EF3 tornado, and caused the injuries of three people. Many structures within and slightly without the city limits of High Point were partially or totally destroyed. One school bus was thrown into the air, but thankfully there was no one on it at the time. The Mayor of High Point NC was forced to declare a state of emergency, and after the primary cleanup operation, it was discovered that almost Ten Million Dollars’ worth of damage had been caused. Of course, this was not the first time that High Point had suffered an Act of God. It was one of the many places that was affected by Hurricane Hugo – back in 1989.

Despite these challenges, High Point NC quickly recovered. This could be attributed to the high level of tourism that High Point enjoys. That is not particularly surprising when it is considered just how many amazing things there are to see and do within the city of High Point. For example, there is High Point City Lake Park, a gorgeous area of natural beauty for anyone to enjoy. The High Point Community Theater is well known for producing a high standard of musicals, as well as getting involved within the local community to encourage children, young people, and even adults to have a go on the stage. Many people come from miles around to visit the High Point Museum and Historical Park, as well as the Castle McCulloch Gold Mill, which now operates as a special event center. If literature is what you love, then the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival would be a wonderful trip for you, held every year from September through December. On the other hand, if something more adventurous would catch your fancy, then there are many chances for hiking and sports within the area of the city.

Many famous faces have had their first outing in the city of High Point. NASCAR race car drivers Dave and Ryan Blaney, for example, have called High Point NC their home, as has the opera singer Anthony Dean Griffey. The winner of the 2006 Miss North Carolina pageant, Elizabeth Horton, is from High Point, as is Eddie Pope the professional soccer player. Fantasia Barrino, the person who won the 2004 competition of American Idol, is originally from High Point, and so is John Coltrane, the jazz saxophonist. High Point, NC is a wonderful cosmopolitan city that exemplifies the very best of the American city: built by those looking for a better life, prosperous through manufacturing, and full of art and culture. High Point is definitely a great place to live, work, and visit.

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