Health Insurance for Students

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while in school is important.  The stress of exams, late night study sessions, and social relationships can result in poor sleeping and eating habits. When students do not eat right or get enough sleep, they are more prone to becoming sick. Don’t let medical bills pile up on top of tuition or student loans! Get protected by purchasing affordable health insurance for students.

There are five different options when it comes to buying medical insurance for young adults:

Option 1:  Remain on your parent’s plan.

The Affordable Care Act allows students to remain on a parent’s health insurance plan until they turn twenty-six years of age, and many young adults choose to keep their parent’s medical insurance while in school.

Option 2Purchase a catastrophic plan.

Catastrophic plans, like all Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina® medical plans, cover 100% of all preventive services at no extra cost.  Though these plans have a high deductible and are designed to protect against a major health event, they still cover three doctor visits at a low co pay.  Catastrophic plans are not eligible for federal subsidy, but they tend to be much more affordable than other forms of health insurance for students.

Option 3:  Purchase insurance through the Federal Marketplace.

If a student meets certain income requirements, purchasing a subsidized health plan with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina® through the Federal Marketplace may be the most affordable option for getting the best coverage.

Option 4:  Purchase a student health insurance plan through the school.

School sponsored student health insurance plans can be paid for by rolling them into the cost of tuition. Financial aid or student loans can help to cover the cost of purchasing health insurance for students through the school.  Medical insurance for young adults purchased through a school will qualify as meeting the minimum essential coverage guidelines under Health Care Reform.

Option 5:   Apply for Medicaid coverage.

In states where Medicaid was expanded, students with low incomes may qualify for insurance under Medicaid.  There are no enrollment periods, so Medicaid coverage can be obtained any time during the year.

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