Are You Eligible for Health Insurance Special Enrollment

Even though the Annual Enrollment Period has ended, you still may be able to enroll with Health Insurance Special Enrollment and qualify for a subsidy to help pay for your insurance.

Question 1-3: Health Insurance Special Enrollment Eligibility:

Have any of the following situations happened to you or your spouse in the past 60 days, or are they about to happen within the next 60 days?

You or Your Spouse…
Termination of employment (voluntary or involuntary) resulting in a loss of group health insurance
Reduction in hours resulting in a loss of eligibility for health insurance (voluntary or involuntary)
Your employer (or your spouse’s employer) no longer offers spouse coverage at the renewal date of the group health plan
Your employer (or your spouse’s employer) terminated the group health plan
Your COBRA coverage ended
The policy year for your individual health insurance ended
The health insurance offered by your employer (or your spouse’s employer) increased in cost at the plan renewal with the cost to the employee of employee only coverage exceeding 9.5% of the employee’s gross pay per pay period

Have any of the following situations happened to you or your spouse in the past 60 days, or are they about to happen within the next 60 days?

“Aged out” (turned age 26) of family health insurance coverage? This can be group insurance or individual insurance coverage.
Lost eligibility for Medicaid, Medicare, or CHIP for any reason?
Lost coverage due to a divorce or other family changes?
In The Previous 60 Days: You…
Moved to North Carolina or made a move inside North Carolina to a different rating region
Got married
Had a change in income
Had a baby, adopted a child or had a child placed with you for foster care
Lost coverage due to the death of a spouse
Gained Citizenship or become lawfully present
Were released from incarceration (jail or prison)

Question 4: Income:

Does your income fall into one of these categories?:

Household Size Per Your Tax Return Income
1 $ 12,060 – $ 46,680
2 $ 16,240 – $ 64,960
3 $ 20,420 – $ 81,680
4 $ 24,600 – $ 98,400
5 $ 28,780 – $ 115,120
6 $ 32,960 – $ 131,840
7 $ 37,140 – $ 148,560
8 $ 41,320 – $ 165,280

Question 5: Employer Coverage

Are you or your spouse offered health insurance at your job?

When we say “health insurance”, we mean major medical insurance from a carrier like Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Cigna, Aetna, etc. This is not an accident plan, mini medical or a supplemental plan from a carrier like AFLAC or Colonial.


Question 6: Affordability of Employer Coverage

If you or your spouse are eligible, is the cost for the insurance that is deducted each pay period for just the employee more than 9.5% of the gross pay?


Question 7: Access to Other Government Programs

Are you eligible for Medicare or Medicaid?



(Your custom results will appear here once you’ve chosen answers to all of the questions.)

(If results do not appear, make sure that every question has a solid blue button showing that it has been selected.)

We think you are eligible to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period and are Subsidy-Eligible!

WNC Health Insurance can help you apply for a Federal Subsidy that will lower your cost for health insurance and you may qualify for a upgrade in insurance benefits. To get the process started, please complete the three fields below and click the green button. A licensed agent will contact you within 24 hours. There is no charge for our services!

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    After we help you determine your subsidy eligibility, we can help you select a plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina® that is right for you. We have helped thousands of North Carolina citizens apply and enroll in subsidized health insurance through the Federal Marketplace. Remember: It does not cost a penny extra for an agent from WNC Health Insurance to help you apply and enroll in a subsidized health insurance plan.

    We think you are eligible to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period and are probably not eligible for subsidies.

    The Good News Is – You can apply for and receive the best regular health insurance in North Carolina!


    We think you are not eligible to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period. The next opportunity for you to enroll will be during the annual enrollment period for 2016 which begins November 1, 2015. Please enter your information below to receive a reminder by email prior to the 2016 Annual Enrollment Period

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