Are You Eligible for A Health Insurance Subsidy?

Under the Affordable Care Act you can qualify for a Federal Government insurance subsidy to help pay for your health insurance. Answer just four questions to see if you do!

Question 1: Income:

Does your income fall into one of these categories?:

Household Size Per Your Tax Return Income
1 $ 12,060 – $ 46,680
2 $ 16,240 – $ 64,960
3 $ 20,420 – $ 81,680
4 $ 24,600 – $ 98,400
5 $ 28,780 – $ 115,120
6 $ 32,960 – $ 131,840
7 $ 37,140 – $ 148,560
8 $ 41,320 – $ 165,280

Are you or your spouse offered health insurance at your job?

When we say “health insurance”, we mean major medical insurance from a carrier like Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Cigna, Aetna, etc. This is not an accident plan, mini medical or a supplemental plan from a carrier like AFLAC or Colonial.

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If you or your spouse are eligible, is the cost for the insurance that is deducted each pay period for just the employee more than 9.5% of the gross pay?

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Are you eligible for Medicare or Medicaid?

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We think you are eligible for a health insurance subsidy!

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    We have helped thousands of North Carolina citizens apply and enroll in subsidized health insurance through the Federal Marketplace. Remember: It does not cost a penny extra for WNC Health Insurance to help you apply and enroll in a subsidized health insurance plan.

    It appears that you are probably not eligible for an insurance subsidy.

    The Good News Is – You can apply for and receive the best health insurance in North Carolina! Contact our office at 828-681-8223 or email us at  .) receive a no obligation quote for health insurance from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina®.

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