Affordable Care Act Special Enrollment Period

Miss the Affordable Care Act enrollment deadline?

Did you experience a Qualifying Life Event?

You have a 60-day window from that date to enroll in Affordable Care Act insurance under a Special Enrollment Period!

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Special Enrollment Periods are granted to anyone who has experienced one of the following Qualifying Life Events within the past 60 days:

  • Change of Address:
    • You moved to North Carolina.
    • You moved from one region of NC to another.
  • Change in Dependents:
    • Newly Married.
    • Loss of group health coverage due to divorce.
    • Death of family member.
    • New child by birth, adoption, foster care or guardianship.
  • Change in Income, or Loss of Job
    • Did your salary recently change?
    • Did you lose your job recently?
  • Change in Health Insurance:
    • Loss of group health coverage.
    • Loss of minimum essential health coverage.
    • Loss of Medicaid or any government health coverage.
    • Denial or loss of COBRA benefits.

NO medical questions! | Pre-existing medical conditions are covered immediately!

If you are middle-income or lower* you owe it to yourself to call and find out if you qualify!
*For example, if you earn $46,680 or less, or if your 4-person household earns $95,400 or less.

Hurry!  You have a limited time (60 days) once you lose your job, to apply for Affordable Care Act enrollment.

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