Miss the Affordable Care Act ACA deadline?

Did you experience a Qualifying Life Event?

You have a 60-day ACA Deadline from that date to enroll in Affordable Care Act insurance under a Special Enrollment Period!

Under the Affordable Care Act, A Special Enrollment Period can be granted to anyone who has experienced one of the following Qualifying Life Events within the past 60 days:

  • Change of Address:
    • You moved to North Carolina.
    • You moved from one region of NC to another.
  • Change in Dependents:
    • Newly Married.
    • Loss of group health coverage due to divorce.
    • Death of family member.
    • New child by birth, adoption, foster care or guardianship.
  • Change in Income, or Loss of Job
    • Did your salary recently change?
    • Did you lose your job recently?
  • Change in Health Insurance:
    • Loss of group health coverage.
    • Loss of minimum essential health coverage.
    • Loss of Medicaid or any government health coverage.
    • Denial or loss of COBRA benefits.

NO medical questions! | Pre-existing medical conditions are covered immediately!

If you are middle-income or lower* you owe it to yourself to call and find out if you qualify!
*For example, if you earn $46,680 or less, or if your 4-person household earns $95,400 or less.

Hurry!  You have a limited ACA Deadline (60 days) once you lose your job, to apply for Affordable Care Act enrollment.

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