The ACA Special Enrollment Period

Do you suddenly find yourself needing health insurance when the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is closed? You may still be able to get subsidized coverage during the ACA Special Enrollment Period (SEP)!

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has streamlined the health insurance marketplace so that everyone who wants to purchase health insurance through the marketplace, is required to do so during the same time period – the Annual Enrollment Period. But there are exceptions!

The Special Enrollment Period is open year round and is available to those who experience a Qualifying Life Event. If you live in North Carolina and missed the AEP, you may still be able to acquire coverage during the year round ACA SEP if one of the following Qualifying Life Events has occurred within the last sixty days:

  • Change of Address
    • You moved to North Carolina
    • You moved to a new major region in North Carolina
  • Change of Dependents
    • Newly married
    • Loss of group health coverage due to divorce
    • Death of a family member
    • New baby by birth, adoption, foster care or guardianship
    • Child placed outside the home (for adoption, foster care, or guardianship)
  • Change in Income or Loss of Job
  • Change in Health Insurance
    • Loss of group health coverage
    • Loss of Medicaid
    • Loss of COBRA benefits

If you live in North Carolina and one of the above Qualifying Life Events has happened for you within the last 60 days, contact an agent at WNC Health Insurance in order to explore your eligibility for an ACA Special Enrollment Period.

There will be no medical questions, and pre-existing medical conditions will be covered immediately upon the start of coverage.  If you qualify, the ACA SEP will allow you to purchase health insurance now, without having to wait for the next AEP to begin.

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