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With balanced funding, enjoy the advantages of partial self-funding, and the stability of full coverage!

Small businesses like yours traditionally had only two choices of group health insurance for your employees:

  1. Fully Insured – the low-risk option with predictable monthly fees; or
  2. Self Fund your coverage, giving you greater control at a potentially lower cost.

There is now a third option!

Benefits of Balanced Funding:

  • The savings that can come from self-funding
  • Predictability similar to a fully insured plan
  • Money back when you have a positive claims year (as much as 67% can come back to you)
  • Access to the vast Blue Cross NC provider network
  • Stop-loss coverage protects you against extraordinary claims levels
  • Outstanding claims processing
  • Great flexibility in meeting your employees’ needs
  • Mitigate your risk – you can terminate at any time without further claim liability
  • More control than fully insured plans
  • No deficit carry-forward
  • Turn-key administration by Blue Cross NC
  • Face fewer state and federal regulations and fewer ACA regulations

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