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Murphy is the county seat of Cherokee County in North Carolina. Located at the meeting point of the Hiwassee and Valley Rivers, it is the westernmost County of North Carolina. The population is a tiny 1,568 according to the Census of 2000. Murphy, NC has an interesting history and it was originally named after the legend of the Cherokee community about a giant leech named Tianusi that used to reside there. Thus, due to its local history, the town is a quintessential mountain town with strong culture. Murphy NC is between the Cherokee lands towards the east and the western mountain towns of Tennessee. The original name of the town was Huntington named after Col. HRS Hunter who ran the first post office. The name Murphy came from the famous North Carolina politician Archibald Murphy. He was the one who originally started the Unicoi Turnpike. The Unicoi turnpike is also known as Joe Brown highway. Originally, it was formed by carving out a portion from Macon County and was ultimately incorporated as a county seat of Cherokee county.

Murphy, NC has a diverse economy and 1/5th of the population is engaged in sectors such as management, services, sales and office, and construction. A very small percentage of 1.9% is employed in the fishing and farming sector. As of the 2000 Census the per capita income of the town was a very low $24,952. The median income of a person from Murphy NC was $24,952, while for a family it was $35,234. The median income of males is $30,395, which is almost double that of females ($16,908). The town cannot be called a very well-to-do town, as 22.9% of its population is below the poverty line including a whopping 36.2% of the population below the age of 18. The population density of the town was 687.7 people per square mile and there were 819 housing units. 22.2% of the homes had children below 18 and 41.5% of the population were married couples living together.

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The education system is quite good and the local public school system operates under the Cherokee County school system. There are 13 schools across the county which are Andrews High School, Murphy Elementary, etc. Murphy High School has the distinction of winning the North Carolina state football championships at the 1A level and 2A division levels. There is also a religious private school known as Murphy Adventist Christian School.

The nearest airport to the town is Western Carolina regional Airport, popularly known as the Murphy airport or Andrews airport or Andrews Murphy airport because it is located right between Andrews and Murphy. Murphy, NC is located in the Appalachian Mountains and is known for its historic culture. It is a popular getaway town for outsiders as it offers a wide variety of attractions and activities. In the middle of the city there is Henn Theater which was opened in 1934. It has 174 seats, surround sound and was rebuilt after a fire in March 2009 with new flooring, speakers and lights. The Historical Society in the town of Andrews, which is very near to Murphy, is worth a visit. There is a Konehata park which provides a wide variety of recreational facilities like tennis courts, swimming pool, soccer and baseball fields. You can also enjoy the three mile long Murphy Riverwalk where you will always find picnic tables around the park. There is also the Andrews Recreation Park nearby in the town of Andrews. There is a community center which has a meeting room and a kitchen. You could also enjoy Lake Hiwassee which is surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest and offers beautiful surroundings fed by the Hiwassee, Nottely, and Valley Rivers. You may want to visit the Cherokee County Historical Museum which tells the history of the Cherokee community. The museum has 2,000 authentic artifacts that describe the history of Cherokee Indians, along with a wonderful doll collection that includes a large number of 800 dolls, with the oldest dating around 1865. It is very interesting to learn the details all about the Cherokee Indians and their disastrous “Trail of Tears” to Oklahoma.

One of the unique features of Murphy NC is that it is closer to the capital of six other states than it is to the state capital Raleigh. You can reach the capitals of Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and West Virginia in a shorter time than Raleigh. Another interesting fact: The famous fugitive of the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta Georgia, known as Eric Rudolph, was arrested in Murphy by the Murphy Police Department after an extensive FBI search. In fact he was found behind the Save-a-Lot grocery store.

Forbes has regularly listed Murphy, North Carolina, in the top 10 list of up-and-coming vacation home markets. One of the rumors surrounding Murphy, North Carolina is that President Lincoln’s father is buried in the Harshaw Chapel. Harshaw Chapel is a historic 1869 Methodist chapel and cemetery and was built by Joshua Harshaw, a famous slaveholder. Calaboose Cellars which used to function as a lock up for defendants before trials now functions as a wine house. Some of the famous people who have come from Murphy, NC include Mark Deweese – an all-American cross-country and track athlete and Carl Pickens – a legendary football player.

Murphy, NC is one of the hottest destinations for people who are looking to make an investment into a second home or a vacation property. Thus, it is very important that people know what kind of geography surrounds Murphy. This is a remote and quiet mountain town. The locals of Murphy are widely regarded as very nice generous people who are very welcoming to outsiders. They are also religious-minded, which is expected as it is firmly in the Bible belt and a large number of denominations function within the city. The good thing is if you are friendly then you would not have a problem finding friends in the city. Murphy NC is not the most happening place in the world – there are neither casinos nor bustling nightlife. Instead it is a quiet place that is perfect for people who are looking to buy vacation property where they want to enjoy peacefulness on their own and not join a large set of people in a bustling city. Downtown Murphy, NC however has quite a lot of things to offer you and it so nearby you could actually walk to it. A large number of parking spaces are available near the stores, so they are easy accessible. You can find everything that is required for daily life, like a bakery, an auto parts store, a quilting shop, a hardware and supply store, antiques stores, a women’s boutique, sporting goods, a bookstore, a furniture store, a drugstore, a coffee shop, shoe repair and a shoe shop, and so much more. Murphy now has an ABC store to sell spirits. Beer and wine are available for sale at various grocery stores. Restaurants are allowed to sell beer and wine or liquor by the glass.

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