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Statesville is a small city located in the western half of North Carolina. It received an All-America City Award twice – in the years 1997 and 2009 – which showed that the citizens of the city of Statesville were dedicated to tackle the problems and the challenges that the community was facing.  Statesville NC is located about 40 miles north of Charlotte in Iredell County, and is the county seat of Iredell County.

Notable Facts

The total area covered by Statesville is 20.4 square miles. From this total area covered, around 99.5% of the area is land while the rest is covered by water. The elevation of this city is 919 feet. As mentioned earlier, the population of the city is around 25,000, the population density of Statesville is around 1,100 people per square mile. Statesville, NC follows the Eastern Time Zone and the area code that is used is 704. Three zip codes are used in this city and they are 28625, 28677 and 28687.

History of Statesville

The history of Statesville NC began in 1753 when the Scottish and Germans first came to Statesville for farming. They were originally settled in Pennsylvania, but were attracted to the abundant fertile soil and water of Statesville. There was a fresh water stream in Statesville and the settlement nearby was then named Fourth Creek Congregation. In the center of this settlement was a small cabin which was treated as a worship place and it was also the place where the first Presbyterian Church was built. It still stands today.

In 1755, then Governor Arthur Dobbs gave order to construct a colony fort. This fort was around 3 miles from the settlement and was built by the soldiers of North Carolina. The soldiers protected by this fort during the French and Indian war and also the Anglo Cherokee war.

In 1788 Rowan County in which Statesville was located, was then divided according to the state legislature and the county was named Iredell – by George Washington. Only a year later the Fourth Creek Congregation was chosen to take the spot for the county seat, and soon this settlement was known as Statesville. During the 1830s, Statesville NC began to interact with the rest of the world because it was this year when the leaders of Statesville put some thought in the infrastructure of this city. Finally, railroad track began to be built around the city in order to connect with the Piedmont area and the rest of the country by railroads. 1858 was the year when Statesville started to experience rapid growth. With the help of improved infrastructure, Statesville NC soon became the leader in producing tobacco and related products. It was also leading in producing the finest whiskey and was also known for the herbs and roots.

Some Interesting Things About Statesville

Like many other cities, Statesville has several interesting things about it that are outstanding and amazing. For example there is a building located in Statesville called Congregation Emanuel. The interesting thing about this building is that it was built in 19th century. An even more interesting thing about this building is that there are very few buildings right now in US that were built in the 19th century and that still stand strong. Another important and historic site present in Statesville, NC is Fort Dobbs. This site is quite historic and significant because it goes back to the French and Indian War, and is the only site currently in North Carolina that is remotely related to the French and Indian war. This makes it very significant.

The Statesville Owls is a minor league baseball team which played from 1939 to 1963 and is worthy of praise. During these years the team played several leagues, including the Tar Heel League, the North Carolina League and the Western Carolina League. The Statesville Owls were able to secure the league titles on three occasions – in the years 1940, 1948 and 1962. The playing ground of the Statesville Owls was at the Senior High School of Statesville.  The stadium was later renamed Senior High Stadium. This field is still being used regularly today.

Insurance for the People of Statesville

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Famous People of Statesville

Statesville does sound like an unknown town but there are many famous people from this city and these famous people make Statesville, NC proud. Gair Allie is a famous Major League Baseball player and is a notable person. Louis Clarke was a gold medalist and a world record winning runner at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris. The city has given birth to several famous NASCAR drivers including Jake Crum, Ryan Newman and Mike Skinner. Thomas Maarshburn is another proud person from Statesville – an astronaut at NASA.

Demographics of the City

A recent survey has shown that around 25,000 people live in the city of Statesville, and there are around 9,500 households currently living there. This means that we can expect roughly 6,000 families in this city. The survey regarding population density of the city states that there are around 1,100 people living per square mile.

As stated earlier, Statesville NC has around 9,500 households and among those households there are 28% households that have children that are underage. 41% of these households have couples that are married and live together as well, whereas unfortunately 18% of the households do not have a supporting male figure which means that the household is being supported solely by a female. Around 13% of the households had people living alone who were above the retirement age and elderly. It was reported that 31% of the households were made up just by individuals. The average estimates show that the average household size is 2.4 whereas the average family size is 3.

The age distribution statistics also provide some useful insights about Statesville. It was found out that 24% of the population of Statesville, NC was aged 18 whereas around 8.7% of the population was between the ages of 18 and 24. 28% of the population are between the ages of 25 to 44 and people between the ages of 45 to 64 made up 21% of the population. People above the age of 65 made up 17% of the population. The median age was reported at 37 years.

Some other useful demographic insights showed that for every 100 females of Statesville NC there were 26 males, and for every 100 females who were aged 18 or above, there were 82 males. This gives a rough idea that females are dominating the city.

The demographic details also give some insights regarding the average incomes earned by Statesville resident. The median income was reported to be $31,900 for a household, whereas the median income for a family was $41,600. The income comparison of males and females showed that males were better off in the earning market and earned around $10,000 more than the females. The per capita income of Statesville, NC comes out to be around $19,000. It is evident that around 16% of the population of Statesville lives below the poverty line.

Statesville offers festivals and fairs, nature walks, theater, music, great restaurants and nightlife, and a great quality of life!

There is something for everyone at Statesville, NC, so come for a visit soon!

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