North Carolina Family Health Insurance Plans

In the event of an illness or injury, having North Carolina health insurance can make the difference between affordable health care and economic stress for your family. Family health plans available through WNC Health Insurance can protect you and the ones you love from financial hardships in the event of an accident or sickness. When the medical bills begin to roll in, having a North Carolina family health Insurance plan can minimize the impact that those bills have on your budget, and keep you financially afloat!

One way to look into options for North Carolina health insurance is to make use of a health insurance agent. There are many types of family health plans on the market, each with different levels of coverage and costs. WNC Health Insurance has a room full of authorized health insurance agents available to help you and your family select the best family health plan to meet your needs.

An authorized agent can also help you determine whether your family qualifies for advanced premium tax credits and whether you could benefit from cost share reductions through the Federal Marketplace.  Agents at WNC Health Insurance have helped hundreds of consumers to apply for subsidies which help reduce monthly insurance premiums. At no extra cost to you, our agents can help you save valuable time and significant frustration by guiding you through the federal application for North Carolina health insurance.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at WNC Health Insurance have a strong commitment to customer service.  Our comfortable office setting is centrally located to serve all counties in Western North Carolina.  We have been doing business for over twenty years, and as a result, have a strong relationship with the community.  A large percentage of local medical practices actually have their own group insurance through WNC Health Insurance.  With agents appointed to assist with individual policies, family health plans, MEDICARE supplement plans, prescription plans, and advantage plans, you can acquire an entire spectrum of North Carolina health insurance plans through WNC Health Insurance.

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