Aetna Funding Advantage®

Managing a small company is challenging. And the rising costs of health care add an unwelcome burden. To help control costs, many small businesses are now looking into new options. In North Carolina, self-funded plans for employers with as few as 26 eligible employees are growing in popularity. Aetna Funding Advantage is similar to the self-funded plans traditionally offered to larger companies, but it’s designed with your small business in mind. So, you get the protection and simplicity your business needs. And, more stability and control over your health care costs.

Benefits of Aetna Funding Advantage:

  • Opportunity to save up to 40%*
  • Fixed single monthly payment that remains stable throughout the year
  • Access to the vast Aetna provider network
  • 50 percent return of any surplus at year-end when you renew your plan
  • Options to pay higher monthly amounts in return for getting back claim surpluses at termination
  • Protection against claims that are higher than anticipated through stop loss insurance
  • Transparency through regular and on-demand reporting
  • Digital benefit administration and enrollment platform
  • Employee wellness activated by Apple® Watch

*Savings based on choosing an Aetna Funding Advantage plan over an ACA community-rated plan. Actual cost savings vary by location and previous claims experience.

Enjoy the benefits of self-funding that’s traditionally offered to larger companies – now available to your small business! Cost savings – without the risk!

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