Lincolnton North Carolina

Lincolnton is a beautiful North Carolina city situated near the northwest section of Charlotte. Sometimes called L-Town, this quaint city has a land area of 48,617 square feet. According to the 2010 Census, the population of Lincolnton, NC is roughly 10,486.

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Lincolnton NC has a rich historical past. The city, founded in 1785 as the county seat of Lincoln County, became heavily populated in the 1840s due to the increasing development occurring in that county at the time. Lincoln County eventually expanded and became one of the largest counties in North Carolina. Lincolnton was responsible for providing a number of farm and dairy products to the inhabitants of North Carolina, in addition to being a top cotton producer. However, the city had already begun its industrial growth during this period, and would develop from a completely agrarian municipality to a booming industrial city.

Lincoln County, containing the city of Lincolnton, was formed in 1779 and named for a famous General in the revolutionary war, Benjamin Lincoln. He received the British sword of surrender and this act of bravery gave him a position of great respect in the hearts of those many people who favored the Revolutionary War.

Lincolnton’s political development began with the spike in population. When a number of other counties were formed by breaking up Lincoln County, its overall area was reduced to 305 square miles. At present, Lincolnton, NC is governed by a mayor elected for two-year terms and a four-member city council that serves for four years. Lincolnton residents have seen a Democratic stronghold on their city, but whichever party has control has worked for the benefit of the people. The city government ensures that every resident receives all the basic necessities for living a peaceful life.

The city has a strong connection with its historical past, starting in the American revolutionary war. Lincolnton’s Cultural Center is the best example of the city’s historical affiliation with its past. Each year, administrators organize several cultural festivals celebrating the arts from literature to photography, in order to strengthen Lincolnton’s link with its rich and profound history. This city is home to a number of historical buildings, such as the First United Methodist Church, Lincoln County Museum of History, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Lincoln County Court House, as well as a number of other famous buildings. On top of this, Lincolnton, NC also served as the hometown of Hiram Rhodes Revels, a congressman who was the first African American to serve in the American government.

The numerous cultural activities and events make residents feel a great sense of pride and attract out-of-town culture lovers as well. For example, Lincolnton organizes the beautiful North Carolina Symphony concert on an annual basis to celebrate the townsfolk’s love of music. A number of arts education programs are conducted for school children so that they may come to know about their city’s influential cultural foundation. Various other family entertainment programs are held to make the citizens happy. Lincolnton citizens hold their heritage close and arrange these different festivals to exemplify this love.

Lincolnton is a major trade and business center, as the city is regaining control over its economy. According to, Lincolnton’s unemployment ratio is better than many other nearby cities. Tax reforms and improved economic policies have allowed small companies and business owners to find their path in the nation’s economic growth. This economic stability has provided a competitive environment to residents, thus a number of small businesses in Lincolnton NC are flourishing.

Lincolnton’s superb health insurance policies are also of great benefit to its residents. Everyone is given the opportunity to purchase complete Lincolnton NC health insurance packages, even if they are suffering from minor illnesses or battling a severe disease. The hospitals have a highly developed emergency system featuring round-the-clock services for all sorts of illnesses. The healthcare department has also proved itself by satisfying their patients with their top-quality methods of treatment. Obama’s healthcare insurance program is offered to the residents of this city by WNC Health Insurance, to ensure their coverage.

Lincolnton, NC offers its residents a number of amazing dining choices. Whether you fall into the category of seafood addict or pizza lover, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at a variety of dining establishments within the Lincolnton NC. The superbly prepared food will satisfy your hunger and leave you wanting more of those phenomenal flavors! You will also find a variety of ethnic food options, including Chinese and Mexican. So, whether you are a visitor or resident of Lincolnton, do take some time to refresh your mood with some delicious food!

Lincolnton, NC is known for its generosity and readiness to help others. Numerous volunteers work every day to help better the lives of others. As per the report of, the volunteers that participated in the thanksgiving soup kitchen event provided a warm meal for hundreds of people in need. Despite personal financial problems or unfavorable circumstances, these volunteers worked with a smile to help spread that joy to others. Their positive outlook is a source of liveliness for many, and their inspirational acts of helping others make people realize the importance of good deeds. A good sum of money is also presented to the volunteer organizations so that their ability to help is never disturbed. The Christian ministry of Lincolnton is largely responsible for providing free services to those in need. The downtown development association of Lincolnton NC is also responsible for involving residents in a number of volunteer activities.

According to a report released by, many children are engaged in multiple volunteer projects and are urged to help others in need. Some of these projects include learning and serving activities that encourage kids to use provide services for others, leaving a lasting impression for the rest of their lives. This habit helps them develop appreciation for all the blessings they have in their lives and inspire them to share their things with others throughout their lives.

Lincolnton offers its citizens with a tolerable average temperature of about 58.84ºF. According to the risks of tornadoes in Lincolnton city are much higher and those tornadoes can put the locals into dangerous situations. Historically, tornadoes have hit this city many times in the past and it has also been a victim of hail and wind storms. However such extreme weather conditions are faced in low numbers. The city takes proper precautions to keep the damages and the losses at a minimum level. Apart from these extremes, no other severe circumstances like earthquakes have ever hit the city.

Lincolnton’s smartly developed emergency system known as Lincalerts and Lincinfo are doing a great job for the residents of this city. These systems are responsible for notifying the people in case any emergency situation occurring. This free service is provided to the residents by the government of Lincolnton, NC. They are updated with general messages and emergency alerts. Citizens have to enroll themselves by providing their phone numbers and email addresses, so they can stay updated with all the happenings and ongoing events of the city free of cost. These services turn out to be fruitful in emergency circumstances because effective communication saves lives.

The rich historical city of Lincolnton is providing its residents with all the basic facilities they need to have a secure life. A small but beautiful city, Lincolnton NC is worth visiting. Come by for a visit real soon!

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